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    Radiant skin starts with...

    the right care routine! The OFF PEEL peeling glove helps you gently remove dead skin cells from your skin and promote regeneration. It allows you to thoroughly cleanse while protecting and nourishing the skin.

    skin investment

    Our goal is

    The goal is to make everyone feel comfortable in their own skin with OFF PEEL products. We strive to celebrate all forms of beauty in all colors and sizes.

    OFF PEEL provides you with the ultimate equipment to rid your skin of dead skin cells and promote a radiant, healthy appearance.

    Our vision

    Our vision at OFF PEEL is to revolutionize the European skin care market and create a sensory experience that combines luxury and well-being. We believe that every moment you dedicate to yourself should be special - a time to pamper and care for yourself.

    Our luxurious mulberry silk exfoliating gloves are the result of this vision. They are not just a skin care product but a symbol of self-care and self-love.

    Our peeling gloves are so much more than just a product - they are a statement about your personal care and well-being.

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